Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ABT Sportsline reveals 420-hp Audi AS6 Avant

. Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The German tuning house of ABT Sportsline has revealed their latest creation today: the ABT AS6 Avant. Based on the C7-bodied Audi A6 Avant, ABT's AS6 Avant receives many similar upgrades as previously revealed on the ABT A6 Sedan. Notably unlike the sedan however, the ABT AS6 Avant boasts up to 420 horsepower from the A6's supercharged, 3.0 TFSI V6 (versus 410 from the sedan). More after the jump.

Under the hood, the ABT AS6 Avant offers the choice of three different power upgrades. The standard 204-hp variant of the A6's 3.0 TDI gets a bump to 240-hp; with the more powerful 245-hp diesel receiving 55 more ponies for a total of 300 horsepower. And for the 3.0 TFSI, ABT's "POWER" ECU programming adds a whopping 120 extra horses for a total of 420. All told, the 3.0 TFSI-powered ABT AS6 Avant is good for run from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just five seconds flat.

Outside, the ABT AS6 Avant receives the standard ABT Sportline treatment. The car's front and rear spoilers, side skirts and rear skirt are all upgraded. However, as ABT points out, "the crowning feature is the rear spoiler and the rear apron set with four exhaust pipes." Rounding out the package is the choice of ABT's "DR" design wheels in 18, 19 or 20-inch sizes. Full press release can be found after the photos below.

Press Release:

The “Estate of the Art” in sport – the new ABT AS6 Avant

Amazing what it can do: the ABT AS6 Avant is a fast luxury liner which likes going on long journeys. Both sporty and dynamic, it offers driving pleasure – its excellent comfort ensures that this pleasure remains even on long trips. And in the rear it impresses with large luggage space as well as the typical ABT view of four exhaust pipes. "This estate stands for lifestyle and power. Which is also going to be honoured by the driver behind you", Hans-J├╝rgen Abt clarifies. The CEO of the now 115 years old company adds: “The vehicle shows all of our experience in tuning.”

The AS6 Avant is certainly self-confident, no question. But it also acts elegant and classy, and looks just as good outside the opera as well as at the car park of the N├╝rburgring. The fact that its home is originally on the race track is clear from the three swift letters: A-B-T. The performance data speaks the same language: the most powerful turbo diesel with three litre cubic capacity provides 300 HP/221 kW thanks to ABT POWER (series-standard: 245 HP/180 kW). The weaker version of the 3.0 TDI now provides 240 HP or 177 kW (series-standard: 204 HP/150 kW). The AS6 Avant provides the maximum sports combination with the performance-improved V6 gasoline engine: the Kempten engineers have conjured up a huge 420 HP (309 kW) from the basic version’s sporty 300 HP. The versatile premium class fun estate, is also capable of a strong sprint: the ABT AS6 Avant sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in exactly five seconds.

Optically the estate looks decent and extravagant, and appears confident and powerful from all sides: the sidebars and front spoiler harmonise with the elongated contours of the vehicle. The crowning feature is the rear spoiler and the rear apron set with four exhaust pipes. The design of the ABT AS6 Avant also includes light-metal designer wheels, which are available in 19, 20 and powerful 21 inch sizes. It goes without saying that ABT also offers alloys in combination with high-speed tyres which suit the car’s performance potential.

Whatever engine the customer chooses – he/she always gets a balanced vehicle which meets the highest demands: everyday reliability and suitability for long journeys in combination with maximum sportiness characterise the new ABT AS6 Avant. After all you don’t want to go without comfort and luxury just because you are in a particular hurry.

The new ABT AS6 Avant – data and facts:

Engine: 3.0 TDI, 2967 ccm capacity
Performance tuning: ABT POWER - Performance: 240 PS/177 kW (standard: 204 PS/150 kW)

Engine: 3.0 TDI, 2967 ccm capacity
Performance tuning: ABT POWER S - Performance: 300 PS/221 kW (standard: 245 PS/180 kW

Engine: 3.0 TFSI, 2995 ccm capacity
Performance tuning: ABT POWER - Performance: 420 PS/309 kW (standard: 300 PS/221 kW)

ABT side skirts
ABT front spoiler
ABT rear skirt insert and 4-end pipes
ABT rear spoiler

ABT sport rims in 19 to 21 inch
Available also as complete set of wheels with sports tyres

Source: ABT Sportsline