Friday, July 8, 2011 joins forces with Audizine

. Friday, July 8, 2011

We're pleased to announce today, our new partnership with Audizine! As part of Audzine's content team, we'll be running a section of their forum called "Blogger Buzz." Not only does this offer us a tremendous outlet to share some of our stories but also gives you, our readers, a place to engage with the largest, most active Audi enthusiast community on the internet. We think you'll all agree that this is a match made in four-ringed heaven. More after the jump.

We want to point out that nothing will change on our end however. We will remain an independently owned site and will continue to focus on delivering the same great content to first and foremost. What you will notice however is a link at the top of our page that says "forum." If you'd like to join in the conversation at Audizine, this button will send you directly to our "Blogger Buzz" forum there.

We're really looking forward to gaining a new audience of folks just as "addicted to Audi" as we are. There's not another Audi enthusiast community we'd rather share our work with than that of the Audizine forums.