Monday, June 27, 2011

Stunning video of MRC Tuning's widebody B5 Audi S4

. Monday, June 27, 2011

We were first introduced to MRC Tuning back in February with the 820 horsepower, Audi RS6 MRC800. Since then, we can't get enough of the amazing creations to come from this UK-based tuner. Their latest is this, the MRC Widebody S4. Hats off to NisusHD for creating the truly stunning video seen after the jump.

While details and specifications are still sparse, we know (as seen in the video) that MRC has upped the S4's displacement to 3.0 liters and swapped in a pair K24 hybrid turbos under the hood. Equally impressive is the interior and bodywork which brings the dream of a true B5 RS4 sedan to life. We're looking forward to seeing dyno results and more photos of the car soon.

Source: MRC Tuning (Vimeo)