Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The next big ABT: The ABT A1

. Wednesday, July 28, 2010

German tuning firm, ABT Sportsline has revealed their next "big" Audi creation, the ABT A1. In an effort to make the Audi A1 a true sports car, ABT has provided the same level of performance upgrades to Audi's hot little hatch as they have to so many models before it. In addition to various engine, suspension and aerodynamic enhancements, the ABT A1 also features three different design themes; the Klecks (translated: "splash"), Aloha and High-Voltage.

The red Klecks theme revolves around the casual splashed graphics, standing for the A1's urban lifestyle. Whereas the white and lavender Aloha represents a more casual, Jack Johnson-listening persona. ABT then refers to the black High-Voltage design as the "evil brother" of the three themes, displaying what ABT describes as a "live wire" personality.

Under the hood, the A1's base anemic two-digit horsepower figures are history. The ABT A1 now boasts 115 horsepower from the 1.2 TFSI (versus 86 hp stock) and 125 hp (versus 90 hp stock) from the 1.6 liter diesel. While the larger 1.4 TFSI get's a hearty bump from 122 hp to 150 hp all thanks to a little ABT "rejuvenating therapy."

Rounding out the package is an upgraded suspension, a host of aerodynamic enhancements (including a new front lip, side skirts, rear wing insets, rear skirt inset and rear spoiler), a dual-tipped sport muffler and 17" or 18" ABT Z Titan wheels.




Source: ABT Sportsline