Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exclusive: New spy photos reveal "S8" test mule is actually next-gen Audi A8 Security

. Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recently, spy photos of a new "S8" test mule have been making their way across the web. Media outlets have been pointing to this car as a new Audi S8, however we beg to differ. Today, our spy photographer reports from the Nurburgring, that this test mule is not the new S8 but rather the next generation of Audi's armored flagship, the A8 Security.

As you'll see, we have exclusive first photos of the car's interior showing a small note on the dash. Written in German the note translates as follows:

"ATTENTION: Vehicle weight over 3.5 tonnes Check license to drive. When filling up with fuel or at least every 500 Kilometers check the oil level"

That means this test mule weighs over 7700 lbs! Certainly not an S8. Also, our spy photographer noted that close inspection of the spy photos will reveal PAX run-flat tires and thicker than normal door frames - all pointing to a next generation Audi A8 Security.

As for the engine, the quad exhaust system certainly points to a more potent powerplant under the hood as the extra weight would require it. However, we do not want to speculate on engine size or horsepower at this time other than noting the next-gen A8 Security will most likely boast more than the previous platform's 450hp.