Monday, March 22, 2010

Audi SQ5 and RSQ5 (Q5 S & RS) coming in 2011?

. Monday, March 22, 2010

French auto-magazine, L'Automobile is reporting that Audi will debut an S and RS version of the Q5 for 2011. Referring to the models as SQ5 and RSQ5, L'Automobile reports that the SQ5 will be powered by the 333 hp, supercharged V6 currently found in the S4. Also noting that a 408 hp version of the supercharged six will then be found in the RSQ5.

In addition to the Sport and RennSport engine upgrades, the SQ5 will reportedly feature S-styling cues including revised fascias, spoiler, wheels and grille as well as braking and handling upgrades. Styling of the RSQ5 is supposedly to be inspired by the Audi Q5 Custom Concept (as shown in header photo).

Keep in mind, until we hear confirmation from Audi, this report will be filed in the rumor mill section. Also, we'd imagine that if the S and RS Q5 models do come to fruition, they would be available initially in Europe only.

UPDATE: Fourtitude has debunked this rumor. Apparently, the SQ5 and RSQ5 names have been registered by Audi, but only in an act of protective name registration (there's a whole Nissan-thing with the Q model designation). Looks like the Q5 will eventually be equipped with the 3.0T but most likely not by MY2011 and not with an S badge. Click here for the full story at Fourtitude.

Source: L'Automobile via World Car Fans