Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Gear Tests the Audi A4 2.0 TDIe

. Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Gear may be best known for their over-the-top car tests and challenges, most of which is seen in our favourite Sunday evening television program. They do however, test some less-than-exciting vehicles too. Enter, the Audi A4 2.0 TDI "e."

I have to admit, I was expecting all sorts of "not enough power," "boring," "slow," descriptions of the Audi A4 2.0 TDIe from the mouths of Britains top car guys. Surprisingly, they actually liked the TDIe, a lot.

Accolades to the Audi included the fact that the A4 TDIe "matches the awesome BMW 316d on economy and emissions, but trumps the Beemer in the power stakes, returning 134bhp and 236lb ft of torque to the Beemer's 114bhp and 192lb ft." Top Gear even goes as far as saying "more importantly the ‘e' is one of the sweetest diesel A4s we've tested."

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Source: Top Gear