Friday, December 18, 2009

Looks like Santa will be driving an Audi A1 this Christmas

. Friday, December 18, 2009

Yes kiddies, Santa will be piloting an Audi A1 this year. Car Magazine has featured an Audi Christmas card featuring Santa (complete with Rudolph navigation) driving the new Audi A1, spreading joy via quattro all-wheel drive.

As car magazine points out all kinds of "yet to be revealed" details in the drawing, we choose not to go that far. As far as I'm concerned, the artist used the Audi Metro Project Concept as his subject matter. Car even went as far as to note an "S1" badge in the grille. No, we're pretty sure that's the checkered flag emblem found on the concept. Come on guys, it's a cartoon Christmas card, not a leaked blueprint from Ingolstadt.

One more thing, we found this card via Car Chat's website. We're big fans of Car Chat but the snarky commentary concerning this card is a little over-the-top. Here's what I mean;

"Audi has pulled the lamest of lame self-promotional gaffes with their "Santa sleigh" for Car Magazine being a poorly-rendered illustration of an A1."

Really? Lamest of lame? Well bah humbug to you too :)

Source: Car Magazine via Car Chat