Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Audi A1 - More Details Emerge

. Wednesday, October 14, 2009

As the A1 will be the latest addition to the Audi model range, various rumors and speculation have been swirling as to what to expect from Audi's new Mini fighter. So far, nothing is set in stone, but the folks at Car Magazine have some fairly official details, straight from the horses mouth.

According to Car, they've spoken to Audi brass, and here's what they've learned to expect from the A1 lineup. First off, expect the A1 to set squarely against BMW's Mini brand and to be priced accordingly ( £11,000, no word on US pricing). However, unlike the Mini, there should be at least four incarnations of the A1.

Expect "a three-door A1 hatchback (based on the 2007 Metroproject concept shown below in red), a five-door A1 Sportback (the eponymous 2008 concept), an A1 Convertible and an A1-based SUV to battle Mini’s forthcoming Crossover."

For the full article, head over to Car Magazine.

Source: Car Magazine