Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Leaked ETKA scans reveal Audi RS3 'Plus', 'S1' and Q3 2.5 TFSI power figures

. Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So it seems a new batch of ETKA data has been leaked. In case you're not already familiar, ETKA is the Volkwagen Group's official electronic parts catalog and has been a notorious source of leaked intel on all kinds of pre-production Audi vehicles. This latest round of scans sheds some light on a new RS3 "Plus," A1 "quattro 2.0" and Q3 "quattro 2.5." More intel after the jump.

Thanks to an earlier round of leaked ETKA scans, we know that Audi AG has a TT RS "Plus" planned; raising the European car's horsepower to the 360 ponies currently offered in the U.S. model. That said, the 360 hp RS3 "Plus" revealed above, makes perfect sense considering the car's shared powertrains. Noting the last column in scan above, we should officially see this RS3 "Plus" by May of 2012.

Next is the A1 "quattro 2.0" or (2.0 TFSI quattro as its moniker would likely read). Revealed back in January, we've known a quattro drivetrain would eventually reach the A1. In addition to that, we've been expecting an S1 or even an RS1 to eventually be revealed. While the scan only refers to the car by it's engine/quattro designation, we're think a 250 horsepower, 2.0 TFSI quattro would be worthy of an "S" badge on the grille. That is of course, unless the S1 moniker steps on the toes of one of the most potent four-ringed rally cars of all time (a problem BMW encountered when naming the 1M). Either way, as the scans reveal, we should know for sure by March of 2012.

Finally, the TT RS/RS3-derived, 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder powered Q3. While we've known this vehicle has existed for some time now, these scans prove the crossover/SUV will boast 30 less horsepower than the European TT RS and RS3, with a total 310 hp under the hood. Despite lacking an "S" or "RS" in its model designation, this should be one potent (and very tunable) Q3. Like the RS3 Plus noted above, we'll likely see something official by May of 2012.

Source: Paraisomotor via Fourtitude