Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Video: Top Gear tests Audi RS5 vs. BMW M3 Competition Package

. Tuesday, February 22, 2011

While watching the latest episode of Top Gear, we were ecstatic to see - halfway through Jeremy Clarkson's test of the BMW M3 Competition Package - the first sight of four rings in Season 16. Our enthusiasm was twofold; not only have we been dying to hear what Clarkson had to say about the Audi RS5, we were also very anxious to learn both car's Stig-driven lap times. After watching and reading numerous RS5 vs. M3 comparisons however, we can't say we were too surprised by the result.

Like nearly all of Top Gear's tests, the "winner" of Sunday's M3/RS5 match-up chiefly revolves around one factor: which car is fastest around the track. In this case, that would be the M3. Noting the damp conditions though, we were surprised by the full second gap in lap times (a factor that should have given the quattro-driven RS5 an advantage). We imagine if the track was wetter (or better yet, if there was some snow involved) the outcome would have been very different.

So, if you're looking for the faster car around a track and live in a moderate climate (or can afford a second car to drive in the winter), the M3 is a very valid choice. However, for those not as concerned about lap times and want a car almost as fast that can be driven year-round, the RS5 is our answer. Furthermore, despite this blog's obvious bias, we think the RS5 is far better looking.

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