Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Video: Audi A4 TDIe "Robots" Commercial

. Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It seems no matter what the language or country of origin, Audi's advertising campaigns never cease to amaze - and usually, bring a smile to one's face. Titled "Robots," the new Spanish Audi TV-spot promotes the new Audi A4 TDIe "Advanced Edition." Unlike many of Audi's commercials here in the U.S. (directly calling out their rivals), Audi Spain takes a more modest approach with the tag-line, "we all look up to someone."

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Press Release (translated from Spanish):

Madrid - Audi launches new advertising campaign for its flagship model, the Audi A4, which expresses both emotion and technology, and engineering sense, magic and science. Audi returned to catch the viewer with an exciting campaign, moving, touching, funny and well known. The Audi A4, a benchmark of the automotive world, arouses admiration launched an action primarily on television, but also present in newspapers, magazines, radio and online.

The Audi A4 TDI campaign and "Advanced Edition" has been devised by the agency in Spain Audi, DDB Barcelona, under the creative direction of Alberto Astorga, and directed by Nacho Gayan, of the production in August and for the agency Double You digital media.

In its implementation has had the prestigious job of two studies. The first, Big Lazy Robot, internationally recognized for their participation, among others, in productions eat the movie 'Transformers' has been in charge of all work in 3D, for which created a futuristic robot sophisticated, complex movements based in the 'Parkour' art around the city overcoming obstacles with skill.

The second study, Asylum is one of the most prestigious of England and also having worked for major brands in the world, also had done previously for the Audi A4 in the spots of "Strings" and "Cube". They have been responsible for all mechanical animation, whose apparent simplicity hides some complex mechanisms.

The result is a cinematic gem. A very aesthetic spot, precious, without effective or fanfare, which shows the comparison, the contrast between two similar feelings: first, the admiration of an old robot with a sophisticated robot, on the other hand, the admiration of a humble and nice toy car for an Audi A4.

The spot shows the feelings that give rise to advanced technology of the robot and the toy car. They yearn for, crave, dream and admire what they see as perfection. They focused attention on the set.

Despite its apparent rudimentary technology, the fact is that they had a complex mechanism of internal circuits, which required two British specialists to operate them with a remote radio control. As for the animation, the consistency required to accept only minimal movement of lights, in the case of the toy car, or head, in the case of the robot, and a slight illumination of the eyes to humanize and able to express certain emotions such as attention, interest, admiration, disappointment. And seeing it, it really seems to come alive.

Music from the movie "The Wizard of Oz, the tin man who wanted to have a heart, does the rest with the theme" If I only Had a Heart. " The result is an original campaign, different, charismatic, emotional. In other words, admirable. Because finally, after all, it's that simple: we all admire someone.

Agency: DDB Barcelona
Client: V.A.E.S.A.
Product: Audi A4
Executive Creative Director: Alberto Astorga
Creative Directors: Alfredo Binefa, Jaume Badia, Alejandro Arriagada
Art Director: Jaume Badia
Copywriters: Alberto Astorga, Alfredo Binefa, Alejandro Arriagada
Production Company: August
Director: Nacho Gayan

Source: Audi Spain
Video: AudiClubEspana (YouTube)