Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rare US-legal B5 Audi RS4 Avant listed for sale in Colorado

. Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The B5 Audi RS4 Avant, a car we've lusted for since its debut nearly 11 years ago. Like many of Audi's RS-badged behemoths, the B5 RS4 was never offered for sale in America. There were however, a few US enthusiasts who tackled the grey market importing laws to liberate a handful from Europe. This 2000 Nogaro Blue RS4 is one such example. Listed for sale at the online Volkswagen mecca, VWVortex, a forum member relays details from the owner describing the car of many a quattroholic's dreams. That is of course, if you have a spare $49,000 laying around.

According to the listing, only four B5 RS4s reside (legally imported) in the United States. Amazingly, this seller imported three of them. The listing expands:

"I'm posting this for a very good client of mine. He had 3 of these brought into the United States in 2001 and they are all legit for the USA. It was hemogenized [sic] and has a full 17 digit VIN Number. I've personally sat in this car and driven it and it is unbelievable. He bought 3, sold off one back in 2001 and currently has two of them (his and hers). This vehicle has not been beaten on any whatsoever (couple are in their early 70's) just true Audi enthusiasts. Vehicle holds a clean Colorado title and is located in Aspen, CO. Seriously enquires [sic] only please."

With just 35,000 miles on the clock, this RS4 is easily one of the cleanest examples we've ever seen (regardless of what country its in). In addition to gaining an official American VIN, the owner had the ECU remapped to run properly on 91 octane gasoline and carries a clean Colorado title.

So for those of you lusting after a true, US-legal B5 RS4, this may be opportunity knocking. Sure, $49k is not pocket change (you can pick up a nice B7 RS4 for that kind of cash). But if you consider the car's reported history and condition - along with the headaches and cost of finding and importing one yourself - the price may become a tad more palpable.

Check out the full listing at VWVortex

Hat-tip to AsianMartin (Twitter)