Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quattros in the Snow: New photos of Audi RS3, A7, RS5 and more

. Saturday, January 8, 2011

In addition to the reveal of the new A1 quattro, Audi has released today a photo gallery that we can only describe as a quattroholic's ultimate winter wonderland. Included in the set are new photos of the RS3 Sportback (in Daytona Grey), A1 quattro, A7, RS5, S4, TT RS and Ur-quattro rally cars. All set to a snowy backdrop near the Mont-Tremblant resort outside of Montreal, Canada.

We find the choice of Canadian location (and conspicuous Ontario license plates) to display a number of vehicles not currently available in North America, quite odd. While the A7, RS5 and TT RS all have a green-light for future sale in the US and Canada, we hope the inclusion of the RS3 and A1 quattro to this photo shoot could foreshadow future availability (fingers crossed).

RS3 Sportback:

A1 quattro (Click here for more info):





Ur-quattro/Sport quattro:

Audi tagged each photo "Fascination quattro Montreal 2011-01-07/09." Whether or not all of these models will be available at next weekend's Fascination quattro winter driving event is not yet known. For more information on Fascination quattro, please visit

UPDATE: This lineup was put together as a PR event for "select" members of the press. Apparently, various UK and European journalists were able to get behind the wheel of the RS3 last weekend. North American journalists (not us, unfortunately) are heading to Montreal this weekend for the same opportunity. As far as we know, goodies such as the RS3 will not be available as part of the public event.

Source: Audi