Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Video: GRIP tests Audi R8 GT vs. Mercedes SLS AMG and Porsche GT2 RS

. Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Representing Ingolstadt, Stuttgart and Zuffenhausen; the German motoring program, GRIP recently conducted a tail-sliding, no holds barred test between the Audi R8 GT, Mercedes SLS AMG and Porsche GT2 RS. All in an effort to find, "the most desirable German." The panoramic Rossfeldstrasse near Berchtesgaden set the stage for a challenging, snow-slicked course to conduct the test. As if all of that's not cool enough, piloting the GT2 RS is none other than rally legend, Walter Röhrl.

To start at the Audi-related action, jump to the 9 minute mark in the first video and finish straight through part 2. Remember, the show is entirely in German, but for those of you who do not sprechen Deutsch, the sweet sound of a tuned exhaust is an international language.

Source: GRIPChannel (YouTube)