Sunday, July 25, 2010

Waterfest 16 - Audi Coverage and Photo Gallery

. Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last weekend we attended Waterfest 16. Held at Englishtown Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, Waterfest is the largest VW/Audi car show and motorsport event in North America and the second largest of its kind in the world. Although 2010 was Waterfest's 16th year, this was's first time attending the event. Aside from blistering hot temperatures and a little sun burn, we had an awesome time shared with some great Audi enthusiasts and the cars they love.

Though Volkswagen may be the show's primary marque, there is still an equally strong Audi representation. Two of our favorite cars were the one-and-only "American" Audi TT RS brought up from Audi HQ by Fourtitude and a red Heffner Twin Turbo R8 displayed at APR's booth. Perhaps more important though, are the many personal rides displaying each owner's unique twist on some of Ingolstadt's finest creations.

In addition to the judged and non-judged show cars in attendance, Waterfest features just about every VW/Audi tuner and aftermarket supplier known throughout North America. Companies such as APR, AWE, STaSiS, Unitronic and more use this event to showcase their latest products and services and even the opportunity for on-site mods such as APR's drive-thru ECU tuning tents.

The weekend's activities also offer plenty of opportunities for owners to compete with one another. Whether it be on the drag strip, autocross track, dyno, or a burnout competition, Waterfest is every VW/Audi fan's ultimate playground.

Considering Waterfest is a visual experience, it's now time for a little Audi eye-candy. We wanted to give a big hat-tip to's photo-guru, Matt Richards for a truly remarkable job shooting the event.

Photos: Matt Richards