Friday, July 9, 2010

Jack Baruth's Lime Green Audi S5 for sale on eBay

. Friday, July 9, 2010

Those of you who regularly read may recognize this car from our "St. Patrick's Day Green Audi Collective" feature. Currently listed on eBay is none other than automotive journalist/racing driver, Jack Baruth's one of a kind Audi S5, painted a very exclusive shade of Lime Green straight from Porsche's 1973/74 color palette.

Considering there's only one person able to convey what it's like to own a Porsche Lime Green Audi S5, I'll point you to Jack's article at Speed:Sport:Life, written just after taking delivery in October of 2008. But before you make that jump, I'd be remiss not to relay Jack's sales pitch from Twitter: "My Lime Green Audi S5 is for sale. This car will get you laid. No lie. You will have sex. I sure as hell did. A lot."

Sounds good to me.

Click here to view the listing on eBay.

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