Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spied: New Audi A7 spy photos show circular tail lights

. Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When it comes to the highly anticipated Audi A7, even a relatively small detail is a big deal. For instance, our European spy photographer managed to snap a few new photos of a camouflaged Audi A7 test mule in Ingolstadt, Germany. What makes these images interesting is that the car's tail lights seem to be missing their red lenses, offering a clear look inside to round units.

As you can see, each tail light unit is fitted with two circular LEDs. A far cry from the more angular designs seen on most new models. As vehicle lighting design is one of Audi's many strong suits, we feel a round design could work with the A7's overall shape. Adding to a 'softer' feel of car's hind-quarters.

Update: After some feedback, we want to clarify that these exact tail light units certainly do not look production-ready. But if Audi's flirting with the idea of a circular LED design, we would be on board. - Or, (and maybe more likely) we've been had. And these are just some random VW lights that Audi slapped on to legally drive the car (and fool onlookers). Only time will tell.

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