Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gulf Livery Audi R8 GT spotted at Ingolstadt headquarters (Updated)

. Thursday, May 20, 2010

It looks like Audi board member, Michael Dick may have a new ride. Known for his love of the Gulf race livery, Mr. Dick typically parks his blue and orange TT in front of the famed A50 building of Audi's Ingolstadt headquarters. Today, has posted a photo of an R8 GT sporting the same color scheme parked at Audi HQ, which has us guessing the board member has a new toy.

Unfortunately, the image is pretty small. If anyone has a larger hi-def photo - or if you can take a few photos of the car, please let us know.

UPDATE 5/25/10: We came across 4 new pics of this car posted to Still, the photos are small, but at least offer a few more angles of a clearly "love or hate" color scheme.

Updated source linked above