Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two Scots in a General Lee livery Audi 80 ready for "Crumball Rally"

. Thursday, April 8, 2010

After looking at the title of this post, you may be thinking this is a bad set-up for an even worse joke. Instead, what you're looking at are "The Dukes of Scotland" posing beside their trusty steed, a General Lee-inspired 1992 Audi 80 2.0E. If the question of "why??" is still looming inside your head, don't worry, we'll clear things up after the jump.

So why on earth would two guys from Scotland decide to take a 1992 Audi 80, paint it like the General Lee (note the flag of Scotland on the roof) and call themselves "The Dukes of Scotland?" Well, actually it's for a hoontastic good cause.

Richard Heywood and Steven McGill plan to compete in the "Crumball Rally." The rally, consisting of various "bangers" (or beaters, clunkers, jalopies etc), will compete in an intrepid 3000 mile journey from the UK to Italy and back (starting April 29th, 2010). As if taking on this challenge isn't cool enough in it's own right, the Scottish gearheads are using the rally to raise £3,000 for their local special needs school, The Clippens School.

Commenting on the charity, Heywood tells Scotland's Evening Times, "We hope to raise money for the school, which my godson goes to, but there will also be an educational reason. We will fit a tracker in the car so that kids can follow our journey during their geography lesson. Seeing the smile on the kids’ face will make it all worthwhile." After that quote, our hats are well-tipped for these gents.

As for the "General Crum" (as the car is known), it's a 1992 Audi 80 2.0E who's odometer reads somewhere over 200k miles. When asked why the "Dukes" chose the car, Heywood explains "We took the decision to get something German, as we’re going down the reliable route."

If you would like to help "The Dukes of Scotland" reach their charity's goal, please visit their website: - Also, to keep track of their journey, head on over to:

Here's a video of the car's transformation from plain-Jane Audi 80 to "General Crum."

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