Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Audi RS7 design study by Adriano Mudri

. Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What you're looking at is not the latest concept car from Audi. Instead, a design study created by automotive designer, Adriano Mudri. As awesome as these renderings are, the Audi RS7 is solely a figment of one talented artist's imagination.

Commenting on his design, Mudri notes "Like the sideplate on the Audi R8, the whole rear part of the Audi RS7, which contains the motorization, is a design feature and very distinctive to other competitors." Mudri also highlights that the RS7's LED headlights "are reduced to the maximum and 'underline' the possibilities of this technology."

You may also feel some Lamborghini inspiration to this design (the scissor doors for example), as the artist calls the RS7 "an Audi built by Lamborghini." Overall, I think that the study is not only well executed but also an imaginative look at the evolution of future R8 styling.

Please visit Adriano Mudri's website for more photos and full artist's description of the Audi RS7 design study.