Friday, January 29, 2010

Video: Austrian Army shows that chicks dig tanks more than an Audi R8

. Friday, January 29, 2010

To our male readers: Have you ever thought "man, if I had an Audi R8, I'd pick up so many girls." As this video shows, you may be better off driving a tank in the Austrian Armed Forces. This may be the worst portrayal of Austrian chauvinism since Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance in "Pumping Iron." Video and translation after the jump.

The loose translation provided with the video is as follows:

Audi Driver: hey Girls, wanna go for a spin in my fast ride?
Girls: ehh not sure, there's not even enough space for all of us
Soldier: wazzup girls, in the mood for a joyride?
Girls: *yaaaaay*
Soldier: join the army if you wanna drive a tank
Soldier2: jump in, starting engine
Audi Driver: hey, what about the spin?
Girl: forget it, I want to drive something big
Narrator: the Austrian Armed Forces offer unique opportunities for young people who are at least 18, everything else is just everday life

Not surprisingly, the Austrian Armed Forces is getting some heat concerning the "sexist" nature of their new advertisement. Spiegel Online interviewed Judith Götz, who is in charge of feminist issues at the Austrian Students' Union, who comments; "The video is trashy and an embarrassment ... It is totally archaic to show such an obviously sexist video at a time when women are already part of the Austrian military."

Source: YouTube via Spiegel Online