Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sight unseen, Audi A1 wins "What Car?" award in UK

. Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who says a car has to be in production (or even be seen in production form) to win an award. The bar seems to have raised another notch in anticipation for the Audi A1, winning the "What Car? - Most Exciting Car of 2010" award.

"What Car?“-Award in the United Kingdom: Audi A1 wins unseen - Readers vote the A1 as "Most Exciting Car of 2010“ before its premiere

INGOLSTADT, Germany, Jan 19, 2010 - Still unseen and already a winner: Readers of the British motoring magazine "What Car?" have voted the new Audi A1 as the "Most Exciting Car of 2010" before its world premiere. This first readers’ award for the A1 clearly demonstrates the level of awareness and interest in the car.

Thousands of "What Car?" readers voted in an online poll and, despite tough competition, the A1 was named as the most exciting new car of 2010 – even though they have not yet seen the actual car. The basis for their decision was above all the A1 project quattro concept study which was shown at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2007.

What Car? Editor Steve Fowler said: "Although we haven't seen the finished car yet, a new, small car with an Audi badge on the nose can't fail to succeed. Our readers seem to agree."

Source: Audi