Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rumor Mill: Tesla Co-Founder Martin Eberhard Working with VW/Audi? (Updated)

. Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rumor coming from Greentech Media today that Tesla co-founder, Martin Eberhard, "is consulting with Volkswagen Group on its electric cars, according to various sources." As Greentech points out, they can not confirm this, but Eberhard's consultation on cars such as the e-tron, may not be too far a stretch of the imagination.

1/19/2010 UPDATE: The rumors were true. VW spokesman Steve Keyes, tells Edmund's Green Car Advisor that Martin Eberhard is working for Volkswagen of America.

Greentech notes that when they saw Eberhard in May (prior to the e-tron's debut), he told them that he was "working on a special project." Apparently he (Eberhard) was very tight-lipped about this project, specifying that "his partners have asked him to remain quiet."

So who knows, a role as adviser to the Volkswagen Group would certainly be fitting given the Tesla founder's track record. But as with anything you read in the Internet rumor mill, a large grain of salt should always be taken.

Source: Greentech Media