Thursday, November 12, 2009

Video: Heffner Performance Teases World's First Twin-Turbo Audi R8

. Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heffner Performance has created the world's first, twin-turbo Audi R8. Teasing the world via YouTube, the video shows a static image of the car's rear (minus bumper), both turbo's in plain sight on the dyno and the sound of one wicked twin-turbo powerplant playing throughout.

According to the dyno results, the Heffner Twin Turbo R8 produces 536 RWHP on 93 octane and 6 psi. Though Heffner notes in the video's comments, "actually that equates to more like 630ish bhp! Pricing, more videos and pictures of the completely finished product coming soon."

Heffner also reveals on the company's homepage that they are working on a 100 octane version which should produce nearly 600 RWHP and reach high 10 second quarter mile times.

Source: Heffner Performance (YouTube)