Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Audi RS3 Spy Shots!

. Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fresh from Ingolstadt, these spy photos depict a more accurate representation of what to expect from the RS3. Back in March, we posted a few pictures of the new RS3 testing at the Nurburgring. If we didn't tell you it was an RS3, it would have passed for a fairly modified A3. This however, is one mean looking A3, or RS3 to be exact.

As you'll notice, this car is not far from a race car. The single windshield wiper and hood pins are actually a form of camouflage. As Auto Express points out, these features are just Audi's attempt at making the car look like a race car in an effort to thwart spy photographers.

As the car's powerplant is still a mystery, only speculation exists at the moment. Two engine possibilities include an upgraded version of the V6 currently found in the VW GTI R32, or quite possibly a variation of the RS4's V8. One thing that has been confirmed is UK pricing which should be right around the £38,000 mark. As for US buyers, well, that's still up in the air too.

Source: Auto Express